Crime: Chicago’s Staggering Crime Map for early 2021

See what neighborhoods in Chicago have experienced crime thus far into 2021 and why there is a for need the Police.

City of Chicago Data- Crime

It is quite troubling to see that we are not even half way into month three and crime in Chicago is already on the rise. The GoogleMyMaps covers only recent crime activity and is already overflowing the map.

Over the past year there has been a lot of back and forth between law enforcement and if it does more harm than good. There have been proposals to cut funding to law enforcement nationwide,there was previous discussion about Chicago Police Departments funding to be cut. Many people believe after the many fatal altercations that took place in more recent years but most notably with George FLoyd. Is defunding the police the right answer? Would it help to prevent the already troublesome map of crime in Chicago for the year.

Back in October of 2021, Chicago Mayor, Lori Lighfoot, was under a lot of pressure to defund the police. Lightfoot also had to deal with a budget shortfall of over a billion dollars that the pandemic had created for the city.

The Map from: City of Chicago’s Data Portal on: Crime thus far into 2021, not only does a good job breaking down crime from each neighborhood in Chicago. It also provides “hot” and “yellow” areas with the number of crimes in that neighborhood.

Although these area’s may show less crime than other areas of Chicago. That does not mean that these areas are necessarily safer. Crime in these area’s has had murder and other haneous crimes. Where as many of the crimes in “red zones’’ may be petty thefts.

Yes, any crime is still a crime, no matter how big or small. But it is important for anyone either living or visiting Chicago to understand that although you may be in an area that is known as “safe” based off maps and/or word of mouth to know that it is likely because crime occurs less often but is still as serious.

The world of policing has a long way to go and has a lot of opportunity for growth. However, with the already rising crime rates in Chicago defunding the police right now would only increase these rates.

For more information on the role of policing in America, Charles Kochins institute does an excellent job breaking down the role of police, stastics and their history.

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